Our Style…

Italian Fashion the one size fits all phenomena is still here, but it has now added changes to size across two sizes. This means that a garment is not too big on smaller frames but still able to be creative and stylish

Our aim to bring style with affordability without leaving out the best quality possible, to make your money go further because we care about that too. 

When we shop for garments to bring to our store, We carefully hand pick items just like you do when you shop and you are considering all the values of your intended purchase 

When you will wear it?

How you will wear it?

What will it go with? 

How to clean it? 

How much is it?

is it versatile?

is it comfortable? As well as fabulous!!

When we buy new stock for our shop, We select, we touch, we feel, we choose with these criteria’s  in mind and also when we get to know YOU individually.. then we shop for YOU as we take care to know YOUR tastes and we bring them to you in our styling know how! 

We’d like you to consider us as your personal shopper. Chat to us, ask us questions regarding sizing, fit, styling and outfit collages.  

 Our policy is we exchange only unless purchases by distance or the item is faulty. 

Tops n Magic Pants That’s what we’re about we have a large selection of Magic Trousers to fit most Ladies, curvy booty or not these pants are so comfortable you’ll want to live in them. 

We have magic pants in plain stretchy fabric

from size 10/14 to size 26

we also have  Pleathers , needle cord, Patterned fabrics and crushed velvet  

Polos. & Cocoon shaped tops  (layering) Lagan look and lots of colour lets start with ….